Vision in Action

This vision lays out where we want to go, and we put in the hard work to get there.

April 3, 2019

Chamber supports PBID to boost downtown SLO

Our downtown is a city jewel that requires continuous care and enhancement, and the Chamber is proud to support the formation of the Downtown SLO Property-based Business Improvement District to provide this care.

There are real challenges facing our downtown and a number of opportunities for economic growth. The formation of a new district that focuses on improvements to make downtown more attractive and welcoming through homeless services outreach, safety, maintenance and beautification will improve the experience for both locals and visitors.


March 22, 2019

Summit addresses widening gap between SLO County home costs and wages

The widening gap between wages and housing costs in California and on the Central Coast, specifically, brought together leaders from across San Luis Obispo County Friday to discuss possible solutions.


February 15, 2019

Congratulations to Hourglass Project President/CEO, Melissa James

Two years ago, the announcement that Diablo Canyon Power Plant would close added urgency to a growing awareness that the Central Coast faces grave economic challenges.

The Diablo closure will result in the loss of 1,500 head-of-household jobs on the Central Coast. Recognizing this painful truth along with the fact that our area is losing companies and opportunities for our middle class and families, the SLO Chamber created a position to generate economic initiatives and regional advocacy. The organization hired a seasoned hand, Melissa James, to lead the effort.